This ugly mug is coming with me to Dakar

It may seem strange that I’ve written a post called Toby Richardson From Bunbury about myself.

There’s a reason though, so let me explain:

Nearly everything on this site is branded as “Travelling Minimalist” and while my first name gets mentioned occasionally, I don’t think my full name Toby Richardson appears anywhere on the site but here. I certainly haven’t mentioned I’m from Bunbury.

Now that I’m doing a film about following the Dakar Rally, I’ve managed to get some mainstream media attention such as newspapers and radio. Most of these describe me as Bunbury man, Toby Richardson or simply Toby Richardson From Bunbury.

I want a way to capture traffic from anyone who might be interested in watching the film about the Dakar, so I needed to write this article to make sure it appears as the first result for anyone doing a web search on me after coming across a newspaper article etc.

Make sure you head over to the page about the Dakar Film, and you can see when it’s going to be released.

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