Bloggers Block | Open Letter for Advice From Other Bloggers

Bloggers Block | Open Letter for Advice From Other Bloggers

I have been on the road again for three weeks. Not exactly “on the road” but I have been staying in Bangkok this whole time after finally extricating myself from Australia once more. I love Australia but I have travel in my blood, so while it’s my favourite country (so far) I know it very well (better than most Australians) and still have the need to travel.

I have come across a strange conundrum. Now that I am travelling again – the time that I should have the most to write about – why have I not been writing or overly inspired to write? I am a blogger and I love it but I’m lacking direction because I don’t know where I want to go with my blog.

I’ve tried a bit of narrative style and while I’ve had good responses, I’m always thinking that it’s probably only my friends who want to hear my stories. I’ve tried doing a few list based articles but they have no real substance and I’m going to pull them down from my site, not to mention that space is ridiculously competitive. I’ve tried a bit of the travel psychology stuff too but I don’t feel as though I get much of a response.

I want to write more about the things I like writing about. Narrative style stuff, psychology stuff and that sort of thing, but I still need to keep a commercial audience in mind.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

In the meantime I will try and meet my self defined quota of blog posts due to my recent inactivity, but they will probably come across forced.

One thought on “Bloggers Block | Open Letter for Advice From Other Bloggers

  1. The best thing you can do is leave the place you want to write about. That’s how Hemingway did it. The best parts boil to the top of your memory and all the pointless details melt away. It allows you to focus on a few trees in the forest.

    I say take a holiday and reflect on where you are now. Hit a beach or a mountain for a week. Something will reveal itself to you.

    What you do in between the commercial posts is what makes you –although even I’ve been able to relate completely non-commercial topics into product placements lol

    Consider something just for you –those are the posts that drive traffic and make your audience love you.

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