I'm Not Your Bloody Travel Guide

“Whether you’re going to Thailand to sit by the pool or blow trannies, I don’t care. Just don’t expect me to tell you how.”

One thing is for certain, I didn’t get started in this game to write shitty articles on the “5 things you must do in this particular capital city which already has 1,000 travel guides…” Or “How to get the most out of your weekend in X while only eating vegan food from biodegradable packaging” or some shit like that.

My name is Toby Richardson and I quit my job and sold everything I own.

I now live a life of quality instead of quantity and I chase adventure all over the world. I make my way around the globe supporting myself as a freelance writer (for hire).

From living and working out of a hostel in Bangkok, to living inside a pub in the UK. I share my stories and dig as deep as I can into the mindset of those who travel full time in my Digital Nomad Series set of interviews.

Take a look around, have a read and enjoy.

Toby Richardson Travelling Minimalist